The Gift Of Healing Hands


Updated September 2010

I kept a record of the healings I saw at first. The first year I witnessed at least 150 healings. The miracles and healings continued and after the fall of 98, I quit keeping record. There were countless others: cancers, headaches, relationships, flu symptoms, diarrhea, constipation, depressions, back pain. I have included some that I remember. I will try to keep this updated as I see more. When all these miracles/healings began, I felt a little like Peter when he saw how many fish he caught after Jesus told him to throw his net in the water. I felt the awesomeness of God and I want you all to understand that it humbles me to no end when I think that God has deemed me worthy of seeing even one miracle. I want you all to know that I do not perform miracles, I can not heal anyone, I am not a "healer"... no human can do that. ONLY GOD HEALS. I only pray, I do not pick and choose who will be healed, I have nothing to do with that process, like I said, I pray and God does what He wants. God is alive and well and works through many means.
I have the support of many priests and Bishops including my own Bishop, Bishop Albert LeGatt and our Diocesian Chancellor, Rev. Paul DonLevy. My ministry has also been blessed by Cardinal Marc Ouellet. I also have many letters of reference by priests and lay people across Canada and the States, who have attended my conferences and witnessed the miracles/healings. I have not gone into too much detail about these miracles/healings because of time and anonymity.
I would like to add that the most beautiful, the most wonderful and the most awesome miracle is the miracle of the Holy Eucharist. That Jesus would come to us ( Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity ) under the simple form of bread and wine and that we can actually receive Him into our very being is to say the least the greatest gift that The Lord has given us. Any miracle/healing I see, pales when I think of Jesus making Himself available to us in through the Holy Eucharist. Thank You Lord!


updated September 2010
I continue to see miracles on a regular basis. I apologize for not writing them all on my website.
There have been many healings of sore backs and allergies, unexpected good lab reports, leg and shoulder pains and headaches gone. I am in awe of God's miracles!!!

I seem to be getting lots of calls telling me that so many months or years ago, these people were healed when I prayed over them but they have not had a chance to let me know. So praise be to God for all those cancers, illnesses, problems that God took care of.
September 2010
I witnessed a miracle tonight. A man came for prayer. He was suffering with severe lower back pain, abdominal and shoulder pain. On morphine x's 2 weeks... unable to sleep, work,etc.
I know this man for some time and he has been healed before and he felt greedy when he came because he received many healings and miracles. That's why it took him 2 weeks to come.
We went into the garage and talked for a bit, he was very uncomfortable had taken morphine earlier this afternoon but it wasn't working.
As I prayed, he and his wife cried, it was very emotional.
The pain disappeared immediately. He felt like dancing. What a great miracle! We praised God and relished in the awesomeness of it all.
Praise be to God!!!
June 2010
This year ( 2010) has been a very difficult year for me. I have been very sick. Have not traveled to do ministry except 1 night.
After my surgery, I became ill with a huge bladder infection. On many prescriptions of antibiotics ( 7) with no relief. I ended up in hospital, very dehydrated with a temperature of 103.7, worrying about whether my organs would shut down...I am not complaining because the Lord had to allow me to be that sick so that in desperation I would make a promise to Him...He knows all.
I decided to put my trust in Our Lord. I told Him that if I could possibly get off the medications that I would do something big for Him, that I would build a Glorious Cross, a Cross of Love in my yard. You must understand that this is not a simple or cheap thing to do. Also my husband is not Catholic and I am sure I don't have to explain the complications of this endeavor.
My prayer was said on a Thursday...On the Saturday I checked and I was better, so much so that I started thinking that I would have to build that Cross after all.
Much to my surprise, my husband said that I had to keep my promise and that we would build the Cross.
I wanted it finished before September, I had thought on Sept. 8th but for sure on the 14th, so that it could be blessed on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.
Everything turned out better then I expected, at the end of August the Cross was up and on the 14th, we had a great celebration. Father Denis Phaneuf celebrated Holy Mass and he blessed the Glorious Cross with a large group of people in attendance.
I must say I love this Cross.

January 2010
A woman couldn't walk after her surgery because she was experiencing so much pain. I was on my way to Holy Mass and promised to pray for her there. On my return, the phone was ringing as I walked in the house, it was the lady telling me her pain was completely gone and she could walk. Praise be to God!

October 2009
At one of my conferences, a person was healed of Celiac Disease...Praise be to God!
At another conference, a young man was healed of an injury to his arm... Praise be to God!

June, 2009

I prayed for a lady who was losing her eyesight. She couldn’t see the TV anymore. I prayed on the phone. Her eyesight was completely restored. The doctors are baffled.

Praise be to God!

I prayed with a man whose daughter was dying of kidney failure. He said, if she doesn’t get a transplant soon, she will die.
I said a short prayer. She got her kidney the next morning.

Praise be to God!

May 2009
I prayed with a young man on the phone. He was suffering with a severe ear infection and was in terrible pain. After the prayer,he hung up and at that very moment, the pain vanished completely.

Praise be to God!

April, 2009
A young woman asked me to pray for her and her husband to conceive. They had been trying for quite a while. I told her to do a Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe, which they did and today she is pregnant...
Praise be to God!
I found out that many people went to confession during my conferences. Some had not been for 15-20 years.
March, 2009

A young girl in her teens came to one of my conferences. When she was born, the “soft spot ” on her head had never closed. The doctors had said that it would have taken invasive surgeries to mend this; they chose not to go that route. She was very careful not to injure herself and unfortunately, the spot had grown to the size of her palm. She never allowed anyone to touch her head. When I prayed over this young girl, she felt the “soft spot” close up. There were many tears that night as many people witnessed the event….Praise be to God for His marvelous deeds!

I prayed over a woman who had been having severe sciatic problems with pain going down her leg. She suffered many months and when I prayed over her, she was slain in the Spirit. As she lay on the floor, she heard a “click” in her lower back and felt the pain go away.
Praise be to GOD!

I prayed over a man who was in pain for a very long time. He wore a brace all the time and had to have an orthopedic cushion in his car for driving. After prayer, he was driving home and felt uncomfortable with the cushion and so removed it, he then felt uncomfortable with the brace and so removed that. The next day he was able to kneel and stand at mass for the first time in a very long time
…Praise be to God!

I prayed over a lady who was experiencing severe back spasms. She has not had any since and she was also healed of many allergies at the same time.
Praise be to GOD!

I prayed over a very sick lady who was suffering with cancer of the pancreas, she was slain in the Spirit, as she lay on the floor, her back pain immediately went away and her jaundiced skin returned to normal color, pink as soon as she sat down in her pew. Her friend noticed it right away.
April update....The cancer has indeed disappeared.
…Praise be to GOD!

A young man was healed of his lack of circulation in his hands. His hands went from purple to pink.
Praise be to God!

January 2009
I prayed over a man with many cancerous tumors in his head, these are are getting smaller much to the amazement of the oncologists.
Praise be to God!

I prayed over a little girl with epilepsy in Sept 08, she has not had a seizure since.

December 2008
Remember when I went to St Theresa Point in Northern Manitoba? Three people from there traveled to Saskatoon after Christmas to tell me that, the one lady's daughter who had been trying to get pregnant for 12 years, got pregnant after I prayed with her at the beginning of May and is expecting for February...Praise be to God!

I prayed for a lady who was so panicked all the time, she would end up in hospital, with nausea and vomiting and would need rehydration. This would happen at least once a month. After I prayed over her, she has not had any episodes.
April update...still no anxieties or panic attacks...
Praise be to God!
November 2008
I prayed over a lady who had many sores on her head from fighting cancer for 29 years. When she came to my conference, I was amazed that she was there, she looked very sick. As she approached me, I saw the telltales signs of cancer, her thinness, her bonnet, her frailty. She said, I do not want to die of cancer. I laid my hand on her head and prayed.
10 days later, I heard she had passed away. I spoke to her husband, he was so happy, all the sores disappeared where I had laid my hand and she had not died of cancer, she had actually died of a heart attack.
October 2008
I prayed over a woman in proxy for her daughter in law, who was 4 months pregnant. Since the conception, a blood clot formed in the womb and she was told that it was possible that she would miscarry. ( a natural reaction to the body trying to get rid of the clot) This caused her much distress and worry. After the prayer and much to the doctor's surprise the clot has completely disappeared and the mother is in wonderful spirits.
April update...healthy baby girl, parents very happy ....
Thanks and Praise be to God!
I prayed over a woman who had back pain and sciatic problems. She was in such pain that she had difficulty walking and climbing stairs. This woman is a school teacher and has always been active. As I prayed over her, I saw the blessed Mother extend her hand over her back, hip and leg to minister to her. She was healed completely and feels so well, she cannot stop praising God.
Praise Be to God!
I prayed over a priest who could hardly speak because of shortness of breath due to a weak heart. He had had a heart by-pass but couldn't even read the Gospel during Mass. I begged God to heal his servant priest. The priest came and testified that he had been completely healed and knew the moment it had happened.
Praise Be to God!
I prayed for a pregnant woman who had been told that her baby had a serious disease called cystic hygroma. The mother was told that the baby would not survive this and if it did, the baby would die shortly after birth.. The parents were devastated. After the prayer, another ultrasound was done and much to the surprise of the doctors, the baby is now normal.
September 2008
I young woman has been trying to get pregnant for years, she tried the medical treatments and I advised her to let God do His thing. To do a Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is now pregnant and is so happy.
April 20 update... healthy Baby Boy born this week, mother and baby happy and doing well...
Praise be to God!
I prayed over a lady who was so sick and in pain, in fact she was in too much pain to leave the church. She came the next day to testify that she felt about 90% better.
Praise be to God!
I prayed over a man in New Hampshire who was healed of a burning sensation in his feet and a sore shoulder.
Praise be to God!
June 2008
I prayed over a man who had been diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. The night of my conference, he actually did not want to attend. He was feeling poorly but because the K of C were hosting the talk he felt obliged to come. Four days after the prayer, he went for laser surgery, the doctor was amazed because the tumors in the bladder were all gone.
Praise be to God!
I am continuing to hear about miracles and healings from Manitoba and Florida.

I prayed over a lady by the name of Esther who had glaucoma and cataracts awaiting a surgery date. Last week, she saw the specialist and Praise be to God!... the glaucoma and cataracts are completely gone...

May 2008
I prayed over a woman who couldn't leave her home because of depression. She had not left her house for 2 years. The next days she was driving around and happy.
Thank you Lord!

May 2008
I prayed over a nice young man named Russell, ( he told me I could use his name) who had an extensive lesion on his right cheek, it had spread to his left arm. Nobody knew what it was. I asked God to purify his blood and cleanse him of this lesion. He was quite self conscious about it. After the prayer, it completely disappeared... even on the arm. I spoke to him after. He was absolutely thrilled.
Praise be to God!!!!!

April 2008
When I was in Florida, I prayed over a man who has chronic pain due to many injuries. I was told today that he hasn't had pain since that night. His wife says now he moves like he's superman. They are so thankful.
Praise be to God.

April 10, 2008
I was in Calgary exactly 1 month ago. Here is a letter I received today...
Good afternoon Carmen.

Just a quick reminder of who I am.... My name is xxxx and I live in Calgary. I often come to see you with my mom and pray with you when you are here. I have LUPUS and kidney problems that go along with it. Hopefully you remember.

I wanted to tell you about a couple of things since you were in Calgary last at our Ukrianian church. I usually have sore joints (mostly my fingers and hands) when I wake up in the mornings. Since I prayed wih you I have not experienced this at all! Also, I did another round of blood tests 2 days ago and it was significantly better than the last time. I have also been on prednisone (steroids) for the last 4 years. I am now starting to come off of them ( I am on the lowest dose I have been in 4 years!) Praise God!

Thank you for all of your prayers, I truly appreciate them. I continue to pray myself and I know my family does as well. I would also like to ask you to continue to pray for me.

Thank you Carmen!

God Bless.

April 2008
I received a letter today from a woman who had asked me for prayer a few years ago. She and her husband had been wanting a child for several years without success. I prayed with them and even phoned them later to pray with both of them. I advised them to let God 's Will be done. They stopped all the medical methods and put their Faith in God. On December 4th, 2006 they had a little boy. The joy of their lives. They even sent me a picture of this beautiful child.
Praise be to God!!!

March 2008
I prayed over several people on Sat the 29th, the next morning, 2 people came forward to announce that they had been healed. One of intestinal problems and the other who had come for prayer could hardly walk, his knee very swollen, the next day was walking without his cane and said the swelling was gone...
Praise be to God!!!

March 2008
I prayed for a lady on the phone. She was very sick in the hospital. She had a massive infection in her lungs and the doctor, after taking xrays had told her, she would be in the hospital and on antibiotics for a very long time. One day later, another xray was taken and her lungs were completely clear. The doctors couldn't believe it. They even asked her if she was a miracle woman.
Praise be to God!!!

March 2008

I prayed over a little boy who had injured his neck and could hardly move without pain. The next day he was good as new.
Praise be to God!

March 2008

I gave a conference in Calgary on March 10th, during the prayer, a lady who had been suffering with back pain for over 30 years was healed conpletely. She said that the miracle happened as quickly as blowing out a candle.
Praise be to God!

March 2008
I was in Eastern Canada giving conferences in May 2006. I remember at one of these, a lady brought a picture of her sister, she mentioned that her sister was severe epileptic and had grand mal seizures. She couldn't drive, couldn't travel and they were very worried. I placed my hand over her picture and prayed.
This week I received a call from that same lady to tell me that her sister had not had a seizure since the night I prayed and she was given her driver's license and told she could travel.
Thank you Lord Jesus for healing this lady...
Praise to You Lord King of Eternal Glory!!!

Feb 2008
A lady I prayed with months ago wrote to me.This is her letter...

Dear Carmen,
I sent you an e-mail a few years back because I was trying to get pregnant and it was not working.
You replied back with a prayer that I was to pray everyday.
Now I must say that I have a beautiful son that is 5 months old and I am very grateful to our Lord for blessing my husband and I. I would also like to thank you for keeping us in your prayers; I truly believe that my son is a miracle due to all the prayers.
Thank you for helping me out!
God Bless

Jan 2008
A lady called me today to thank me for prayers. She is now cancer free.
Praise be to God!

Jan 2008
Dear Carmen:
I have some wonderful news to share with you. Since writing to you on June 20th,
I have had numerous tests - CTs, MRI, Pet Scan and Bone Scan, and the lesions
that were of concern have proved to be adenomas - and therefore not malignant.
Also, the doctor that ordered special tests for the tumor on the spleen (which they were mostly concerned about, suspecting that it was cancer, and which was showing as 4.4 x 4.5 cm. tumor in July, is now showing that there is nothing there! The doctor told me that I was a "medical mystery" as he said he has never seen a tumor just vanish. I prefer to call it a Medical Miracle.
So once again I have to Thank You for your special prayers for me, and
THANK YOU GOD! May the Good Lord Bless You, and keep you in his loving care always. Please continue to pray for all that need prayer and healing. I have said many prayers for you.
Praise be to God!!!

Nov / Dec 2007
My father passed away Dec 4th 2007. There have been many miracles surrounding his death. He was a holy man and he died a holy death. Praise God. May he live eternally in the Kingdom of God!
Oct 2007
A lady I prayed with called me to say that after prayer, she had surgery, the doctors had anticipated widespread cancer, but much to their surprise, it was contained and is now treatable.
Praise be to God!
Sept 2007
I prayed for a lady in Calgary, she had been admitted to the hospital with a racing heart. For 5-6 days the doctors were trying to bring her heart rate down without success. As I prayed, I asked the Blessed Mother to hold her in her arms close to her heart and make the lady's heart beat like her own. After I prayed, her heart rate went back to normal, much to the amazement of the doctors and her family.
Praise be to God!!!
Sept 23 2007
Today is the Feast of St. Padre Pio. As you all know, I love Padre Pio.
We were in Cumberland House, very far from anywhere.
The priest had accidentally locked his keys in his car. They tried for a long time to open the door. Finally, I asked St Padre Pio to please open the door for us. Two minutes later, the door was open. Thank you Padre Pio and Thank you Lord.
August 2007
A lady came to my cenacle, this woman is not Catholic but was interested in having prayer. I spent a little time with her as she and her cousin and her daughter had arrived a little early. She learned how to say the Rosary and was touched by the whole evening. The next morning, she bent down to tie her shoes and for the first time in 20 years did not have pain in her back. She lives away from Saskatoon but she and her daughter have both decided to join the RCIA and become Catholic. Praise be to God!!!
July 2007
A young man came to the cenacle and explained that I had prayed over him 3 years prior. He had been in a chemical explosion and had suffered severe burns to his eyes and his right arm. The doctors had told him he would lose 80% of his sight. He was 16 when this happened. His mother had called me at the time of the accident and I had prayed. Not long after I happened to drop in at their place and again I prayed with holy water from Lourdes and imposition of the hands. Shortly afterwards, he saw the specialist and was told that a miracle had happened, that his eyesight was perfect 20/20 and no scars on his arm.
This young man was really touched by this miracle and spent a year in bible school after he graduated and is now on his way to do a year of evangelizing with NET Canada. Praise be to God!!! Isn't it amazing how God works?!!!

Dec 2006
Prayed for a young woman who had been in a car accident at Christmas last year. Her neck was so bad, she had not been able to work and was taking heavy medications. She had had MRI's showing severe damage and the doctors wanted to operate. She came to my prayer meeting twice and I prayed for her both times. This week she came back and announced that she had had another MRI and the doctors said " this is not the same neck!" they cancelled the surgery.
Praise be to God!!!

Dec 2006
I prayed for a lady who had terminal cancer and the doctors were operating to do a complete hysterectomy to relieve pain. When the doctors went in, they found no cancer.
Praise be to God!!!

Dec 2006
I received a call from a lady down east who had been suffering from a neck injury for a long time. She watched my DVD and as I prayed on the DVD, she placed her hands on her neck, she became very warm and afterwards was completely healed.
Praise be to God!!!

Nov 2006
I prayed over a lady who was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer, she was booked for a complete hysterectomy including the lymph nodes surrounding the uterus for the 27th of November. (The uterus was very large. ) I originally prayed for her on Oct 21 in Meadow Lake ( Northern Sask.) then I prayed over the phone, she emailed me and said that as I prayed she felt tingling throughout her body. She attended my session in Edmonton on the 24th of November at St Andrew's Church as she was there for surgery on the Monday. Late Tuesday night her daughter phoned me to tell me that when they took out the uterus , it was normal sized, they did not even remove the lymph nodes and they cancelled the stage 2 cancer. They are awaiting the pathology report of the uterine tissue. But in itself the miracle occurred because the doctors had no explanations for the normal size uterus. ( I will keep you informed about this report)
Praise be to God!!!

Nov 2006
In Montreal I spoke in a large church although the attendance was small, 2 people stood up during my talk, one to say he had been healed during a trip to Marmora, the bus tour he was on watched my video and as he listened attentively to my prayer, he received a healing. He had not been able to work because of an injury to his left arm.( which was now completely healed.)
Praise be to God!!!

Nov. 2006
Another man had received a liver transplant after I prayed with him in April. At that time he looked like a very old sick thin man with bad coloring. I could tell he needed a liver transplant. Things were very rocky for a while, the doctors even told him he would die. But now, when he arrived at the church this time I did not recognize him. His color was normal and he had gained 20 pounds. He looked like a young man. He stood up and told his incredible story.
Praise be to God!!!

Nov 2006
I spoke in the Ottawa region, at one of the talks, two people witnessed that they had been healed when I prayed over them the last time I was in this area. One was suffering of Fibromyalgia and Celiac Disease for 10 years. He was completely healed and can now eat anything and is without pain.
Praise be to God!!!

Nov 2006
A woman had come to my talk 6 months prior. She had a small tumor under her eyelid, she originally had not wanted to come for the imposition of the hands because of her skepticism. A friend of hers talked her into coming, I remember placing my hand over her eye and saying a short prayer. It appears that the next morning the tumor was gone!
Praise be to God!!!

Nov 2006
In Edmonton, a lady was healed of sinus problems.
Praise be to God!!!

Oct 2006
When I returned from my talks in Toronto area, a lady called me to tell me she had been healed after my conference there, she suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for years and had actually been booked for surgery at the end of Sept. She and her doctor cancelled the surgery. She said that she was pain free for the first time in 35 years and that she did her own hair for the first time in 10 years.
Praise be to God!!!

Sept 2006
I just came back from a healing conference in Ontario. A lady I had prayed over 2 years ago came to see me and told me that before I prayed over her, she had not been able to talk for six months. The day after the prayers, she spoke to her husband loud and clear for the first time in 6 mos.
Praise God!!!

Sept 2006
I was in and around Toronto, in one of my conferences, a lady came and witnessed that she had been healed of arthritis of the right hip as she watched and listened to my prayer on DVD. She is a physician and had been suffering and on medication for two years. After the prayer, she noticed that the pain was gone...
Praise be to God!!!
July/August 2006
I prayed for a man from New Brunswick, he had not been able to eat anything but bland foods for 4 years because of acid stomach problems. I prayed for him on the phone in July. He called me in August to tell me he had had a huge healing, he was so happy and told me to tell the whole world that he could now eat anything he wanted.
Praise be to God!!!
June 2006
1. I prayed over a young girl who had a tumor on her pituitary gland. She was very small for her age and her mother was very worried about her. Within three weeks she had caught up in her growth. Praise be to God!
2. I prayed over a man who was dying, he needed a new liver. He looked very ill. I apparently told him he would receive a call from the hospital within 3 days. The next day he got the call and had a liver transplant. Everything was okay until his body started rejecting the new liver. He was told he had but 3 days to live but that the nurses would give him pain killers and he would be kept comfortable. He made his way into a waiting room where there was a crucifix and decided he was going to pray. The nurses came in periodically to ask if he needed analgesics. He refused saying he had no pain. At midnight, he saw a dove outside the hospital window. It was trying to come in and was actually tapping on the glass. The man could not open the window because he was too weak. The bird stayed for half an hour fluttering about the window and then kind of waved and was gone. The man started to cry and continued crying, the next day the doctor asked him why he was crying and he couldn't explain but they did some testing and found all the liver functions were normal where as the day before he was dying. Thirty doctors came in to examine him. They could find no explanation for this wonderful phenomenon. He is still crying and is so grateful for the prayer he received when he was so sick. Praise be to God!
3. I prayed over a lady who had had 6 operations for cancerous tumors in her bladder. She came to one of my sessions in Sept 04. The day I prayed over her , she was supposed to go for Chemo but was too sick and discouraged. She had been told she had another tumor and was in need of another operation. I apparently told her that she would go for this next operation and that it would be over. On May 31st 2006, she came to another one of my sessions and and she told me that it happened exactly as I had apparently told her, she had the operation and the tumor was not cancerous and she has been cancer free since. Praise be to God!

May 2006
I prayed over a man who was infirmed and needed a cane to walk. Five days later, his brother came to another one of my sessions and informed me that his brother had been healed.
Praise be to God!
April, 2006
1. I prayed over a 15 year old boy who has cancer, there were many spots on his lungs and the doctors were preparing the family for the worst. As I prayed, I saw Jesus place His hands on the front and the back of this boy's lungs, I saw a light go from hand to hand. As the doctors were going to do another biopsy, much to their surprise, they could not find the spots. Praise be to God!
2. I prayed over a man who had lower back pain for 30 years, the next morning, the pain was gone. Praise be to God!
3.A woman came to one of my conferences, during the prayer she was healed completely of all her sufferings. She said she had these since January. Praise be to God!
4. I prayed over an 11 year old girl who was going to have a very complicated surgery, the doctors were worried because these surgeries are rare and need lots of blood transfusions... I asked Jesus to be the surgeon. After the surgery, the doctors actually hugged each other because it had gone so well, they had not needed any transfusions at all. Praise be to God!
March 2006
I prayed over a woman whose cancer had metastases to the liver in form of tumors, she had a scan shortly after that and the tumors could not be found. Praise be to God!

Feb, 2006
On February, 4th, I drove my parents to church and dropped them off at the front door. I found a parking spot and decided to back into it so as to make it easier to pick them up after mass. I checked the rear view mirror and the side mirror and backed in. BANG! I hit something, the first thing I thought was that I had not seen a snow bank or a big block of cement back there and couldn't imagine what I had hit. I got out of the car and checked the back only top find out that the rear bumper of my van was wrapped around a big green light post ( which had been in my blind spot) I was horrified because the damage looked great. I drove the van forward a bit and checked it out again. The damage was bad, about as big as a pie plate with sharp edges and some paint scratches. The dent was deep and I immediately thought, how in the world I would pay $700 to fix this, as I do not have a package policy on my license and that would be the deductible. As I entered the Church I prayed to God not to allow this accident to interfere with my time with Him and told Him that He would have to fix it because unless the money falls out of the sky, I would not be able to fix it. After Mass, I told my husband I had wrecked the van, after he examined it he thought the damage was about $1500-$2000. My son saw it and said we would absolutely have to fix this because it's horrible to drive with such a dent. We explained that no, we would not fix it. On the 6th I drove to Mass in the morning and checked the dent again, It was awful and hoped no one would see it. That afternoon, my son comes in and says " Oh, you fixed the car," I said no, he said "the dent is gone." I thought perhaps my husband had taken it to be repaired but couldn't imagine that I would not be aware of that. I asked my husband if he had done that and he said no and went out to check the car, 5 minutes later he comes back in and says "the dent is gone." I said How can that possibly be? He said " God is an auto-body man. " I actually got dressed up and went out to check myself, the bumper was indeed very smooth, no scratches, no paint, absolutely restored except for a very small thin scratch at the top( to let me know that it had really happened, so small I need not fix it,)( I must explain that this dent was not one of these dents that suddenly pop out shortly after it happens, this was 2 days later and usually at the temp it was -19Celsius, the bumper would crack and there would be a hole there. SO GOD TOOK THE DENT OUT OF MY CAR...
I figure if God can take the dent out of my car, He can take the dent out of your heart, out of your soul and out of your body!!! PRAISE be to God!!!

January 2006
On Friday, January 6, my house was full of people, we were celebrating late comers( siblings) for Christmas.
A woman had called very distressed and asked if she could bring her baby for prayer. Seems that this baby (11 months old)was covered with eczema and was only having a small bowel movement every few days. He also had something wrong with his eyes. She was very worried about this baby. As I was praying over him, I was distracted by all the company chatting in my kitchen. Also this baby wasn't cooperative when it came for me to touch him, he was moving around. All in all, I was upset that I had not concentrated as much as I should throughout the prayer.
Today January 12. This lady phoned my to tell me that the next day, his skin was completely clear, as never before and the next day after that, he started having bowel movements like never before and has been ever since.

November 2005
A man came to my cenacle . He could hardly walk in he was in so much pain. He even asked his wife to come and ask my to pray over him because he couldn't walk to the front of the garage. He felt uneasy about asking me for prayer because he himself has received several instant healings from God. I prayed over him and turned around to say hello to another person who had just walked in. When I turned back, (perhaps 30 seconds later) he raised his hands in the air and said "DONE"
I said "what?" He said " I'm healed. " So in the space of 30 seconds, God had healed him completely.

September 2005
At the cenacle I prayed for a young girl who had severe kidney problems. She could not attend the cenacle herself. I prayed over her mother in proxy for her. I later found out, at the very time I was praying, the young girl, whose legs were very swollen because of kidney problems, started going to the bathroom, within 1/2 hour her legs were back to normal size.
Praise be to God!

June 2005
1. I prayed over an eight year old girl who had fallen and injured her head, since then she has been experiencing seizures 4-5 a day. In these seizures and a little afterwards she seemed disconnected from reality. Since I prayed with her she has not had any seizures. PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!
2. I prayed with a young girl who was having horrendous nightmares every night. Her parents were quite concerned. Since then, she hasn't had a nightmare and sleeps without interruption. PRAISE GOD!!!

May 2005
I was touring in Ontario these last two weeks.
1. I prayed over a lady who had not been able to walk without crutches for over two years, I received an email yesterday telling me that she was completely healed and can now walk without crutches, she also said that other things were healed also.
2. On my trip, I prayed over many people, one lady just emailed me and told me she had been healed of insomnia.
3. I prayed over a lady who had been suffering with Shingles for 16 months, she was healed overnight. PRAISE BE TO GOD!
4. I just received a call from a lady who had cancer, she had called me this spring and asked for prayers, she came to one of my talks and yesterday, she went back to her doctor and the tumor is gone. Praise be to God!
5. I prayed for many people and many have told me that they were healed of sore backs and shoulders, depression and even a small boy was healed of bedwetting. Some felt closer to God after my conferences, having had a renewed spiritual boost, wanting to talk about God.
Praise be to God for all these blessings!!!

April 2005
1. I went to Vancouver this past week and stayed at my sister's home near Calgary. Her sister-in-law from Edmonton was there with her husband to attend his son's wedding on the 23rd of April. It was a late celebration and so they didn't have to leave the house before late afternoon.
This woman has been suffering with hormonal headaches for years since her teenage years. At about noon, she was very quiet and told us she was starting a headache and would have to lay down before the wedding. These headaches are like migraines and last a long time. I'm not sure why but I asked if she would like a prayer. She accepted. I neglected to explain that sometimes my hands get very hot. I just placed my right hand on her upper back and started to pray. At the end of the prayer I placed my left hand on her forehead and finished the prayer.
I had a short vision: Jesus had a water nozzle in his hand and was adjusting the sprays, all of a sudden it kind of unplugged and a gush of water, geyser-like shot upwards. I finished the prayer and told her about the vision.
Later I learned that at the time I was praying, my hand was so hot, it became very uncomfortable. Then when I placed my left hand on her forehead, the heat permeated through to the other hand, and her headache went away. Praise be to God!!!
2. I pick up several ladies every morning to go to church. Tuesday morning, one of these ladies debated whether or not to go because she had injured her back quite severely the day before, she suffered terribly throughout the mass and on the way home I prayed for her as I was driving. Later that day she was walking and couldn't understand why she could walking so well. She had been healed. Praise God!!!
3. This same lady was going for some tests to check for either a tumor or ulcer, the next day she went for these tests and they all came back clear. She had been healed of her back pain and all that had been bothering her for some time. Praise be to God!
4. This morning as was leaving the house a lady phoned . I had prayed for her because she had a cyst or tumor the size of an orange on her ovary. They were scheduling her for surgery. She went for another ultra-sound and the cyst was gone....disappeared!!! Praise be to God!!!
5. At our cenacle last week, we prayed for a young man who needed a heart transplant, we all know how hard it is to get one of those what with cross- matching and not to mention that someone has to die to get one. Today 10 days later, he is getting his heart tomorrow. Praise God!!!

March 2005
1. I got a call this week that a woman I had prayed over last year ( May 2004) had had horribly painful and persistent monthly periods. She had been healed instantly...Praise God!!!
2. A lady asked me to pray for her husband who had called her from work because his leg pain was excruciating. I prayed over his wife in proxy for him. At the very time we prayed, he was healed.
3. A couple of months ago, a young man phoned me asking to be healed of homosexuality. I prayed that he would meet a woman and fall in love with her. I got a call this week that he had indeed started going with a girl and felt absolutely healed in every aspect. He himself couldn't believe it and said if you had known me before, my feelings inside. You would never know I'm the same man. Praise be to God!!!
February 2005
I spoke in Calgary this month. There was a snow storm that night and the roads were awful. Those who made it to my talk really put themselves out. There was a woman there with a tumor. She was going for further testing and scans that following week. She never asked to be healed of this but kept it in her heart. She came for the imposition of the hands at the end of my talk and I prayed a general prayer of healing over her. Her tests results showed no was gone. Praise God!!!
Jan 2005
1. I received a letter from a woman who had heard me speak on one of my tours four months ago. She had received a healing that night but couldn't believe it. She never told anyone until now. She truly believes that she must speak about it. Thank you Lord!!!
2. Prayed over a lady (on the phone) who was having bladder problems and she was completely healed.
November 2004
Prayed for a young girl who was being bullied at school, she had a poor self-image and was depressed and unhappy. Within a few days she felt better and now is speaking about what the Lord has done for her. PRAISE BE TO GOD!

October 2004
I prayed over a little boy who was covered with eczema, I said just a short prayer over him because I was pressed for time but the Lord heard my prayer and he was healed. Praise God!!!
September 2004
I spoke in a small church in Southern Ontario, I said the general prayer at the end of my conference. Two people were healed in that assembly. Praise God!!!
May 2004
I prayed over a family whose son was plagued with evil thoughts and visions. They came to my home and prayed for all of them but asked the boy (10 ) if there was anything evil in his house, even comic books. He said that he only read Harry Potter books. He was even wearing a Harry Potter shirt. I asked him if he wanted these evil things to stop and told him they would only go away if he actually got rid of all his Harry Potter stuff. This is a tough thing for a 10 year old to do. I prayed with him, as it turns out he did get rid of all those things and all evil manifestations stopped.

Feb. 2004,
I spoke in Calgary this past weekend, As I prayed, a lady in the crowd, whose hands had been shaking for a very long time, quit shaking completely. Praise GOD!!!
February 2004
I prayed for a man at my cenacle, he had fallen and spent the previous night in Emergency for Cat Scans and X-Rays in a lot of pain, could barely walk. Three minutes after the prayer, he stood up and announced to the whole group that the pain was gone, he proceeded to bend down and twist his body to prove that the pain was gone. We all cheered and praised GOD!!!
Feb. 2004
A child was born with Downs Syndrome, the parents were devastated, the doctor was 100% sure that she had this condition. When asked if it could be a mistake, the doctor said that unfortunately he had never made a mistake in this kind of diagnosis. The father's sister called me 2 days after the birth to pray, we prayed and I felt great anointing. The next day they discovered that the baby was perfectly healthy. PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!

Note November 2003
I realize that I have not written any of the healings I have seen for a few months now. It is not because I have not seen any. It is because there have been too many to count.
I recently returned home from a tour in Quebec. I must share with all of you that it was an incredible experience. I spoke to 14 groups perhaps about 2500 people in all. I saw instant healings, and many conversions.
It was like the Holy Spirit passed through that area like a hurricane.
I thank all those who invited me and those who traveled with me.
Jesus let me know when I got there...
You are here my daughter because I have heard the cry of my people...
Jesus let me know the last day I spoke...
My daughter, I am in front of you, I am carrying my cross. You are following me and run up to the cross. Your hands are covered with My Precious Blood. When you touch someone, it is my Precious Blood which heals. When you enter into a room, I drop one drop of My Precious Blood in that room and it instantly becomes filled with joy. Know that not one of those who heard you speak this week, did I not touch... I love you my daughter.

November 2003
A man who comes to my cenacle was diagnosed with 2 types of cancer, Lymphoma and Leukemia. He was given weeks to live. This Tuesday he came, entered into the garage like he wasn't sick at all. Told everyone that his cancer was gone...Praise God.
November 2003
I prayed for a little boy who was having some reconstructive surgery, the doctor had warned the parents that this was a difficult surgery that it was very painful perhaps as long as 6 weeks of pain. That there was always complications and to expect the worst. I prayed over the phone with this boy's grandmother. I asked Jesus to be the surgeon and to make the recovery rapid and painless.
The doctor came out of the operating room and told the parents that the surgery had gone completely different, that she had never done this surgery like this and that there would not be any complications. She couldn't understand it. The recovery was quick and the pain was minimal. Praise God...
November 2003
I prayed for a lady with bursitis in her left shoulder. The next day she was completely healed. PRAISE BE TO GOD!

April 2, 2003
(This miracle actually happened in Oct 2002 but I just heard about it today.)
This morning I spoke at a woman's group called "time out for moms" I gave my testimony. There were a few ladies there who had heard me speak before and one had brought her baby to me for prayer last October. Her baby suffered from chronic urinary infections since the age of 9 weeks. For the last 10 months she was on all kinds of antibiotics and as soon as she was off the medication, the infections would return. This woman approached me this morning to tell me that since I prayed over her baby the infections have not returned. What a wonderful miracle. Praise God!!!

February 2003
A man phoned, told me he had a growth on his throat. He had seen several doctors who were not very encouraging. He had a appointment with the specialist coming up. He was terrified. As I prayed, I saw a doorknob( brass) in his neck ( just like Fred Munster in the 60's comedy)Jesus turned the knob and it came out in His hand. The next day, this man passed lots of white lumpy things. He went 5-6 times. The 2nd day he spit up lots of sputum. He felt much better. He went to see the specialist. He found nothing. PRAISE GOD!!!

February 2003
A lady came for prayers. She had had hip pain for a long time. She was healed.
January 2003
A lady lost her sense of smell some time ago. I was invited to speak at her church. I prayed over everyone, she was healed.
November 2002
A lady came to my prayer meeting , she had had cataract surgery in her left eye and the doctor made a mistake and accidentally cut her iris, he then put the wrong size lens in her eye. Glaucoma resulted and she was in danger of losing her eyesight. Then the doctor told her that the right eye had a cataract also and needed to come out because glaucoma had started in that eye also. She was discouraged and fearful of this next surgery. She decided to come to Saskatoon and have a doctor here look at her. She came for prayer the day before her appointment. The doctor checked her eyes very carefully. He told her that she had no cataracts, or glaucoma and that she didn't need surgery and she wasn't going blind. Praise God!

October 2002
I spoke at Holy Spirit Church here in Saskatoon and the church was full. I prayed over many people. A few days later, a lady phoned me to tell me that she had been healed of Fibromyalgia and has not had any problems since.
July 2002
Prayed for a farmer who has had deteriorated disk problems for 14 years. He wears a brace especially when working and sitting on the tractor. As I prayed over him I saw Jesus holding a steel brush and cleaning off his spine. There were little bits of grit flying off. Then I saw Jesus using a caulking gun and inserting foamy material ( it looked like foam insulation that expands when applied) in between the disks. This farmer has not had pain since, in fact, he sat 8 hours on the tractor the next day and still is pain free. PRAISE GOD!!!
July 2002
Prayed for a lady with back problems, as I prayed over her I saw Jesus playing the piano on her spinal cord. She said that it felt like she had had a shot of cortisone in her spine. She has not had pain since.
July 2002
Prayed for a man who had a heart problem ( his heart was racing up to 170 beats a minute and back to 46) He also needed surgery on his shoulder but they couldn't operate because of his heart. As I prayed over him I saw his heart, it looked like a spinning top, the Blessed Mother was pumping the top. I also asked that as Jesus was healing the heart could He also heal the shoulder. This man was healed of both problems immediately after prayer. PRAISE GOD!!!
July 2002
Prayed for a man who has been having intestinal problems since Easter, the doctors didn't know what it was and told him they would scope him as soon as possible but it could take up to 6 months. He had pain everyday and his activity was very limited. As I prayed I saw a slinky ( the toy that goes down the steps) It was all tangled and Jesus pulled it apart and it all unraveled. I thought that Jesus was fixing his intestines. The day after prayer he started feeling better and never had pain since.
June 2002

Yesterday I had an appointment with my eye doctor, he put those terrible drops in my eyes and this morning I woke up with a very painful irritation of my left eye. It was tearing and painful and I wondered how I could possibly drive to the church for mass. In fact I couldn't and I asked my friend to drive. I sat at the back of the church, close to the washrooms in case I needed to throw cold water in my eye. It just seemed to be getting worse instead of better. It was irritated to that point. I thought I'd have to leave I was wondering how I could follow the mass with such a painful distraction. There were about 15 people in the church praying the rosary( as usual) and I don't usually pray for myself but finally I said " Blessed Mother, You're just going to have to heal me so I can participate in the mass."
Vision... I saw the Blessed Mother come to me. She put 2 drops into my left eye...
Instantly the pain went away, literally in the blink of an eye!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Dearest Mother!!!

May 2002
Prayed for a lady who had a cancerous lump in her groin. The doctors told her that it was in the lymph node and had probably spread to the bones, pancreas and liver. The whole family was very discouraged. After I prayed, her results all came back negative. Actually, I prayed over her son also and he started praying the rosary the day his mother's results came back and his life is now changed, his rosary has changed from silver to gold. Praise God!!!
May 2002
I prayed for a young girl who had been thrown 40 feet in a car accident, she was on life support and in critical condition. The night after I prayed, they took her off life support, she woke up and was lucid. Thank You Lord!
May 2002
I prayed for a lady who had been looking for a job for months, she had had an interview that morning and it had not gone well. She was discouraged and felt that she would never work again. The next day she had that job. Praise God!!!
May 2002
In April, my father was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate gland. His psa was 77, which is very high and the doctor told him that the cancer could be spread to the bones. My father came here the night before his scan, and I prayed over him, I actually felt some healing as I prayed. The next day the scan showed that he had no cancer at all. Thank you Lord, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

May 2002
I prayed for a lady who had had bad results from a liver scan. the next day she had another test which showed improvement 100%.
April 2002
A lady phoned from Calgary a couple weeks ago to ask for prayer. She had breast cancer a while back and discovered a new lump in her breast. The doctor verified that it was indeed a new lump and was sending her to a surgeon. I prayed over the phone and told her that I would pray again for her that night at our Marian Cenacle Prayer meeting. That night at 7pm (her time) she felt heat in her breast and wondered if it was possible that she could be healed. Later she tried to find the lump and couldn't. Her doctor cannot find it either. It seems to have disappeared! Praise God!

April 2002
In Dec 2000, a man fell off his roof as he was installing a satellite dish. He suffered severe head injuries. In Dec 2001, he came to my home, for the last year he had a very dull demeanor, he had lost his sense of taste and smell, he had lost his memory, short term and long term, he could not drive, or add or read anything. His quality of life was poor.
He was here again last night, a different man, he was joyful and bright, his doctors even told him that they didn't need to see him again because although they could not explain it, he was 100% better. He said "I feel so good, I could write a book!" Praise God!
March 2002
A lady was boiling some soup bones and one splashed sending boiling water all over her face. This lady comes regularly to our Tuesday cenacle. She phoned that she couldn't come that evening because she was so badly burned. Her husband even said that she looked like a bright red tomato. I prayed over the phone that Jesus would place His healing coolness upon her face. That night she did come to the prayer meeting, her face had only one little welt on her temple, but nothing showed on her chin, lips, cheeks and eyelids where she thought the welts should have been. Praise God!
March 2002
I prayed with a lady whose 8 month old granddaughter had severe ear infections. The next morning the baby was better. ( much to the mother's delight)
Feb 2002
Things sure have a way of creeping up on you. It started as, what I thought was a bruise on the underneath part of my left arm, 2 inches down from my arm pit. By Christmas I noticed it wasn't gone and examined it a bit better. Thought it looked peculiar. Prayed about it. Even said a novena. Feb 13,2002 (Ash Wednesday) it bothered me a little as I showered and I looked to find that it had changed. After mass I went to get it checked out. The doctor right away said that it should be taken off soon. He made an appointment with a specialist for next Wednesday.( that in itself is freaky because they told me they were booking for the end of March) Now I was speaking in Calgary on the 22nd. Yesterday afternoon, I saw my doctor who freaked and said "this looks very suspicious!" It looked like a melanoma. ( melanoma is a serious cancer that is easily spread throughout the body.) Did some blood work and by now I'm thinking "wow, how a day can change!" That night, my friend phoned me and I told her about all this. She said that she herself was seeing this same specialist Thursday morning( today) and wasn't that a coincidence. A while after she hung up, she called again and told me to take her appointment and that she would take mine.( A true act of kindness on her part) So on the 14th morning I saw the specialist and he did say it looked suspicious and that he would remove it on Monday at 8am. On Friday, the doctor phoned and said that my liver enzymes were up and that I needed an ultrasound to make sure that there was no involvement with the liver. This was very scary, too many things looking bad. I am certainly in God's hands! The results of the biopsy will come back a couple of weeks later. But as hard as Satan is trying to keep me away from Calgary, Jesus is victorious in making sure that I can go.
Monday Feb 25,2002
I went to the doctor's this morning. My liver ultrasound came back negative and my biopsy came back BENIGN CELLS! I thank you all for your prayers. Through your prayers, I was healed because every doctor I saw thought that this lesion looked very suspicious. Please join me in praising God also. Nothing is more powerful then prayers. JESUS IS VICTORIOUS! Know that I have been praying for every single person who prayed for me. I asked God to bless them and their families and to heal them.

I had a very interesting weekend in Calgary. I want you all to know that I felt the power of your prayers and this is what sustained me these last 10 days. What would we do without God? Thank God and Thank you...


Feb 2002
I told a lady about the dog story and she was very touched. She asked me to pray for her daughter who had left home three years before at 15 to live with an unsavory character. They were living in Alberta and doing all sorts of terrible things. They were very much in debt and this was causing the mother to be close to a nervous breakdown. She asked me to pray for her daughter. Four days later she phoned me to tell me that her daughter had broken up with her boyfriend.

January 2002
I prayed over a 15 year old boy who has been having migraine headaches for as long as he remembers. His headaches have gone away.

January 2002
Mom and dad got a dog before Christmas. Everyone loves this dog. My son believes this is his dog. This week the dog gets into some rat poison and eats a better part of 20 bags. Dad notices but the poison is digested by then. The next day, the dog is sick looking and limping. That's the day they came to Saskatoon. Dad says the dog is sick, ate all that poison so the dog's gonna die. They went back to Bellevue and found the dog sicker and peeing blood. I phoned the vet and he says yes, the dog will die put it out of its misery. My son is inconsolable, crying. I said "well let's pray and ask Jesus to heal the dog and trust that He will" he says" I don't know if I can trust Him that much." He prayed like I've never seen him pray before. We prayed that the bleeding would stop and that the poison would go to the foot of the cross. We prayed that the dog would poop out the poison and that it would have no effect on the dog. I called mom and told them to give it warm milk. That was at 7 pm and again at 9pm. By that time the dog wasn't moving and looked pretty pitiful. Dad expected to find him dead the next morning. But low and behold! the dog was alive and well and the next morning was jumping up and down like nothing was wrong. Praise God! It's a miracle dog! How's that for a puppydog story?

Dec 2001
I prayed for a little girl who was losing her eyesight in one eye. The doctors were pessimistic about any improvement. In Sept of this year her eye tested 20/200. As I prayed for her, I asked Jesus to heal her as He did when He walked the earth, with spit and mud if need be and I saw this little girl laying in the left arm of Jesus and His head was over her. Tears filled his eyes and I saw some fall into her eyes. This month, her eye was tested again, her eyesight is now 20/40.... Praise God!!!

Dec 2001
Prayed for a lady who had severe sciatic pain, within minutes her pain was relieved.

Nov 2001
Prayed over a lady who had had back pain for years, in fact she was resigned to live with this pain for the rest of her life, after prayer, the pain went away overnight.
Nov 2001
Prayed for a lady who was very sick with Crohn's Disease, she was very weak, had no energy and the doctors told her to be careful that her blood pressure may be so low that she would have to be hospitalized. As I prayed, I asked Jesus to give her His energy and at that very moment, she was filled with energy, she said that she couldn't explain it, that words couldn't describe it.
Oct 2001
Prayed for a woman who had such pain in her legs that sometimes she could hardly walk, she was healed instantly.
Oct 2001
Prayed for a young woman who was having trouble concentrating while studying her University subjects. After prayer, she had no more problem.

Sept. 2001
Prayed for a woman who has Crohn's Disease and has been bleeding for over a year. After prayer, the bleeding stopped.

Aug. 2001
Prayed for a little girl who had been quite ill for over 2 years. She was complaining of stomach and neck pains up to 20 times a day. She vomited often, especially at night. The doctors didn't know what it was, they just said that it could be pre-cancerous and that this was a very sick little girl. The day after prayer, she mentioned that her tummy didn't hurt anymore and she has not had any pain or any other symptoms since that day.

Aug 2001
Prayed for a woman who wanted to get pregnant, she had a miscarriage in the spring. She is now 15 weeks pregnant. (Oct 25, 2001)

July 2001
Prayed for a lady who had moved in with her boyfriend. When I spoke to her, I told her that she would never be happy because she was not doing God's will. That when you live in God's will, all the disasters of the world can come down upon you and you will still be happy but you will never be happy this way. I told her to do a novena and then either marry this man or leave him. She did exactly that and after 9 days she left him.. She says that this was the best decision she has ever made.
July 2001
Prayed for a lady with migraine headaches for ten years. She has not had a headache since. Has not been back to her chiropractor since. ( she was going twice a week)

July 2001
Prayed for a man who had been on dialysis for years. Three days later he received a kidney transplant.

July 2001
Prayed for a lady who had MS for over 20 years. She went to a different doctor who ordered an MRI and they discovered that she did not have MS after all but a herniated cerebellum. They did surgery and her symptoms went away!

July 2001
Prayed over a 10 year old boy who was tormented by evil thoughts. He was healed and the night I prayed over him, his father who had not been to confession for years, went to confession.

June 2001
Prayed for a lady who had had several benign lumps removed from her breasts. She had severe chronic pain in both breasts. After prayer, she was healed instantly.

June 2001
My friend had applied to get this wonderful job, she was not expecting to get it because of the competition, but by the end of June she had the job.

May 2001
A lady wanted prayer for her daughter who was making the wrong choices in her life. She changed her life completely around.

April 2001
I prayed over a lady who had cancer of the three lobes of her right lung. When the doctor operated, two lobes were completely healed.

Mar 2001
Prayed for a lady with breast cancer. She was completely healed. This was a beautiful healing for a wonderful woman. If you ever meet me in person, ask me about this healing.

Nov 2000
Prayed for a girl with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, she was healed instantly.

Feb 99
Prayed for a lady who could not bend over because of severe back pain. She was healed instantly.

July 99
Prayed for a lady with a slipped disk, she was healed instantly. She had a hard time believing that it was real and went home( on an acreage) and mowed her lawn for 3 hours, the pain never returned.

Feb. 99
I prayed for a man who was on life support after a car accident. His family had been told that he would be vegetative. They decided to remove the life support and let nature take its course. After prayer, they waited to see if he would die but he opened his eyes and asked for water because his mouth was so dry.

Oct 98
My sister had been having terrible pain in her legs due to a deteriorated disk problem. The doctors said they could fuse the disks but she was not willing. After I realized how painful her legs were. I started a novena to St. Theresa for her. The 1st Monday in October, I knelt in front of my big crucifix and said the chaplet of mercy, invoking the prayers of St. Theresa. My sister was healed instantly that night.

Sept 98
Prayed for a man who was told he probably had cancer of the throat. After prayer, it turned out to be benign polyps.

Aug 98
Prayed for a lady with chronic back pain. She was healed instantly.

Aug 98
Prayed for a lady who had severe back pain. On her way home she discovered that all her pain was gone.

Aug 98
Prayed for a man who had had an arm injury and could not raise his right arm. He was healed instantly.

July 98
Prayed for a man who had terrible heart problems and was supposed to have heart surgery. After prayer, he was healed and the heart specialists told him they didn't understand what had happened but that he didn't need surgery after all.

July 98
Prayed for a lady with swollen feet. The swelling reduced right in front of our eyes. Her husband was amazed.

July 98
Prayed for a lady who had a severe headache. She was healed instantly.

June 98
In Calgary, prayed for a very sick lady who had been slowly dying for weeks. I asked the Lord to take her pain away. She died 30 mins later.

May 98
Prayed for a lady whose little girl was very constipated. She’s had no problems since.

May 98
Prayed for a lady’s tests results. The doctors had told her they feared her cancer had returned. The tests came back negative.

April 98
Prayed for a man who was very stressed. He was healed instantly.

Mar 98
Prayed for a pregnant lady who was told she would lose her baby because of cervical problems. The doctor told her she should not get pregnant again. She’s had another child since.

Mar 98
Prayed for a lady who wanted to quit smoking but just couldn’t do it. She hasn’t smoked since.

Feb 98
Prayed for a distant relative who had been told he had cancer. After prayer the cancer was gone.

Feb 98
Prayed for a lady who had terrible back pain. She was healed instantly.

Feb 98
Prayed for a lady who had many food allergies. Now she can eat anything. Hasn't had to take any allergy shots since.

Jan 98
On a Thursday, my sister asked me to pray for her friend who had cancer of the lung and was going for surgery (lobectomy) on the following Monday. During surgery they found that the cancer was healed.

Dec 97
I prayed for a little baby who was dying of a rare disease. Her baby brother had died of the same rare disease and the doctors had no hope for her. She was healed and baffled the doctors.

Dec 97
Prayed for a lady who had been depressed for years. She received healing instantly and has not been depressed since.

Dec 97
Prayed for a lady who had colon cancer. She had surgery and recovered.

Nov 97
Was asked to pray for a lady who had been diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas in July. She was in the hospital in Winnipeg waiting for surgery to relieve her pain. After prayer they did the surgery and didn’t find any cancer. She is an RCMP member and returned to work in Feb 98.

Nov 97
Prayed for a little baby who had digestive problems. He was healed.

Nov 97
Prayed for an older man (in hospital Coronary Care) He was healed and is still alive today.

Nov 97
Was asked to pray for a man who was depressed and suicidal and couldn’t be found. Ten minutes after I prayed, they found him in a field where no one would have thought of looking. He was in the process of committing suicide. They were able to save him.

Nov 97
Father Phaneuf took me to ST Paul’s Hospital to pray for a lady whom the ICU staff could not take off the ventilator. The next time they were able to take her off the respirator and she went home. She is still alive now. (2001)

Oct 97
My neighbor was very worried about her daughter who was not doing well in school and needed tutoring in math. She was devastated about the cost and everything. After prayer, they went to a golf party and she met a young teacher who wanted to teach math and needed a tutoring job. He did it for next to nothing.

Oct 97
Prayed for a dear friend who had such terrible migraine headaches that she would end up in ER every time. Not only did she receive a physical healing but also a spiritual healing and now has been going to church and teaching her children to pray. She is very involved in her church.

Sept 97
Some one asked me to pray for a young girl who had a large tumor on her foot. She was taking lots of painkillers each day. The day after I prayed her tumor disappeared completely. When asked about it later she said. " I never believed in God but now I totally believe!"

Sept. 97
This lady had been told she had glaucoma but after prayer all her tests came back negative.

I prayed for a lady whose little boy had many ear infections, I prayed for her whole family. Ten days later she called me to tell me that her father who was an alcoholic and had not gone to church in years decided to quit drinking and go back to church.

Sept 97
I prayed for a young man who had broken his neck in a car accident. The family was very worried about paralysis. He completely recovered without residual symptoms.

Sept 97
I prayed for a girl who was so constipated that she only went once a week. She was healed instantly. She has not had problems since.

Sept 97
Prayed for a lady who has breast cancer. She refused all treatments; she is healthy up to now. (2001)

Aug 97
My son was healed instantly after I prayed over him. He had a temp and I was sure he would have an ear infection because he had 3-4 a year. To this day he has not had an ear infection.

Aug 97
A lady asked me to pray for her arthritis in her right shoulder. She was healed instantly. She also asked me to pray for her grandfather who had been brought into the hospital. They had called the family. It was serious. As it turned out, he lived another 3 months and was able to say his goodbyes to all his family.

Aug 97
I prayed for a little boy who was going deaf. Had been in the school for the deaf and the parents had been told that he would lose all his hearing. He has not and is now in the public school and has not lost further hearing.